Ambient | Chilling | Mind-Bending

An ambient visual and audio experience that takes you on a chilling cave diving expedition that goes wrong due to mind-bending supernatural forces

Inspired by elements of psychological horror, magic realism and cosmic horror, The Dive at Wax Cave is for all those who are curious about the dark side of the human psyche.

The experience uses light, VFX and sound design to take an audience of up to 8 ‘divers’ on a cave diving expedition that goes wrong due to supernatural forces.

The first iteration of the experience previewed at Encounters Festival in 2022 where it sold out all 128 dive slots in one weekend.

Stormjar have since developed the experience and are excited to be part of Theatre Deli’s SHIFT + SPACE programme so audiences can test it out and help it move to the next stage of its life where we plan to take it on a tour to real caves all over the UK2 evenings 🌙10 dives 🕳Only 8 divers per dive 🤿Will you be one of them?